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Welcome – The “welcome” at St. Enodoc is a bit mixed. First of all, the dogs are welcome, but only if hosted by a member. St. Enodoc does have a long tradition of dogs and as such has a generally dog-friendly environment (the older and more genteel a club is the more likely it is that they are dog-friendly hailing back to the days when gentlemen tried to shoot birds in the winter and tried to shoot birdies in the summer). Now they have a “lead required” policy which was instilled after they encountered just too much dog fouling. Admittedly, a number of public access paths crisscross the courses and many ramblers do have dogs (which was more the cause of the fouling). When we played, we came across dogs at the outdoor café (dogs are not allowed indoors) where dog bowls of water had been placed. We also came upon another couple on our course playing as well as another couple waiting patiently for their master to finish his session at the driving range. So the course is dog-friendly, but with a number of important caveats.

Wildlife – Plenty of bold seagulls who didn’t seem too phased by the dogs even when we wandered a bit close to them.

Walk – We played the shorter Holywell course which is only 4082 yards. Still, the longest “short” course we have seen. Sort of St. Andrews By The (Irish) Sea with lots of links-like roly-poly moguls . Sort of pinball hazards (“There has got to be a twist”…to the ball’s direction that is.)

Water – There is no water on the course and limited shade so bring plenty along. As mentioned above, the terrace does feature a dog bowl with fresh water.

Wind Down – Our wind down was at the club café itself. We had a bacon butties before setting off and some lovely crab sandwiches for a break halfway through the round.

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