Milford 1

Welcome – With the sunny weather and coronavirus furloughs packing the courses, we chatted for a bit with a foursome of some very friendly members who were most enchanted by Grace. They were particular admiring of her ball sniffing abilities to find stray shots. So I maintain that my subsequent drive into the rough off the tee was simply to show off Grace’s party trick.

Walk – With our midday tee time on the hottest day of the year so far, the broad, open fairways were less appealing than they otherwise would have been. A few more trees (aka “slice magnets”) would have actually been more welcome for some much needed shade.

Water – The course features two sizeable water hazards – on the 7th and 11th – which are fairly accessible and seem fresh enough that Grace was able to wade in, cool her legs, and get a few sips. The 8th hole returns to the club house so you can refill your water supply there.

Wildlife – The two lakes are obviously inviting homes to waterfowl and the first one was graced with a lovely family of ducks with seven ducklings trailing along behind mommy. And the other lake had a sizeable flock of Canadian geese. Both sets of birds made their way to the middle of the lake whenever ever a golfer strolled by so they never really were much of a distraction for Grace.

Wind Down – Coronavirus continues to limit the options for post-round wind-downs. I looked again on the Doggie Pubs site for pubs that be at least be offering take-away but after going down the list of the ten closest establishments – none of them open at all – I gave up.

Milford 2

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