North Wilts

North WIlts

Welcome – Our visit to North Wilts Golf Course was one of the warmest welcomes throughout the day that we have ever received. We saw lots of dogs and asked if they went around the course (we were looking for a poster puppy for this post), but unfortunately, they all just visited the clubhouse with their persons as well as walked around the grounds. But everyone commented how many members did bring their dogs around for a round. We had lots of welcoming chats with various members throughout the day.

Walk – One of the finest aspects of North Wilts is its aspects. Brilliant views of the Cotswold hills that just gets better as the first 5 holes climb higher and higher. But the gradient is quite gradual so it is not exhausting.

Water – The course has no water hazards nor other water sources, but it does circle back to the clubhouse where you can top up on refreshment.

Wildlife – We also didn’t spot much wildlife on the course so no distractions there.

Wind Down – While we enjoyed a bit of 19th Hole refreshment at North Wilts, we decided to head down the road to the Waggon and Horses pub for a more substantial meal as the sunlight was waning. It was not only dog-friendly, but the dog, Ollie, we sat next to had particularly friendly owners. In fact, we ended up spending most of the meal chatting with them about the area, dogs, and all manner of topics.

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