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Today’s entry brings us a new canine correspondent, black lab Rory (supported by his persons Sue and Dean), who brings us tales of Norfolk courses. We’ve only made it our east there once (Southwold).

Rory is a very energetic 2½ year old black Labrador who loves exploring and sniffing. He likes to accompany us on the golf course and is very observant and keen to know what is happening on the other fairways. He was fairly easy to train to sit by the greens, stay out of bunkers and off the tee boxes. It took a little longer to convince him not to pull to chase after squirrels, rabbits or deer but he has finally accepted this is not allowed. Having easily been trained not to touch the golf ball he is a little reticent to help us hunt for the ball when we have lost it in the bushes!

On our way to Suffolk my owners Sue & Dean and their son, Matthew, played at Bishops Stortford golf club which is close to the M11. Being a very energetic black Labrador named Rory, who loves exploring and sniffing, I was pleased to accompany them. I was made very welcome by everyone I met (although being a little nervous of new people I did keep my distance) and since the large clubhouse was being renovated, we went to the temporary outside bar which suited me well where they had water for me and a few dog biscuits.

The course is parkland with trees so not a lot of sniffing for me although I did spot a few rabbits scurrying into the bushes around the 18th. The signature 8th hole was over a pond, and I heard a couple of our balls splash into it but sadly I wasn’t allowed in for a swim. The course was nicely undulating with narrow fairways which made for an interesting walk with quite a bit of ball searching as Matthew, who is fairly new to golf, hits the ball a long way but not always in the right direction!

A very pleasant round,unrushed with nice members who pointed us in the correct direction when we didn’t spot the signs.

The only downside was that it was very busy day going into Stansted with the planes flying low overhead. However, more importantly for me they did have my sausage at the halfway house.

We didn’t stop for a drink afterwards as we were heading on to stay at Tuddenham Mill a very nice dog friendly hotel, with lots of space for me to exercise and where I was allowed to accompany my owners to dinner and breakfast and they cooked me my own sausage for breakfast!

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