Chesham & Ley Hill

Chesham and Leyhill 2

Welcome – As soon as we arrived at Chesham and Ley Hill a few members generously commended Rusty and Grace for looking so winsome. The course is set on parkland whose covenant allows dog walkers to roam freely off-lead. We not only came across other dog walkers, but also another dog golfer with a very attentive golden retriever.

Walk – The 9 hole course is transected by 3 small but busy country roads. You have to cross them a number of times to get to the next hole. So even though the course does not require leads, you might want to have them on hand to help cross the traffic safely or to provide a bit of extra control on holes that run close to the course and you want to be extra careful about your canine caddy straying onto them.

Water – No water hazards to refresh at, but there’s not really much of a need. There’s a handy water tap outside club on the back side to fill the bottles with. And the 5th tee is right next to the clubhouse so if you run out that quickly, you can refill easily.

Wildlife – The lack of bodies of water and the fairly built up suburban surroundings meant fairly little wildlife to distract or tempt the girls.

Wind DownThe White Hart Inn in Chesham was effusively welcoming to the girls and featured an enclosed beer garden out back which was a great place to dine in the warm summer’s evening and gave them a bit of freedom to wander about without worrying that they would stray somewhere. The food was first rate gastropub quality (the parsnip soup was especially tasty).

Chesham and Leyhill 1

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