Santo Da Serra (Madeira, Portugal)

Santa da Serra dog golf

Welcome – Santa da Serra’s dog-friendly policy seems a bit low key. When we enquired, they said that they did have a few clients that had asked about bringing their dogs and they were happy for them to do assuming the dog was well-behaved and on a lead.

Walk – Like its fellow Madeiran course, Palheiro, Santo de Serra features towering undulations of landscape. In fact, you start the Machico course (the most picturesque) driving over two gaping chasms (bring extra balls!) that require mini-hikes to get around.

Water – With the 3-times 9-hole layout, stopping at the clubhouse is easy after any 9. We enjoyed our own “watering” with an extended break that included some nibbles as well as drinks.

Wildlife – Lots of grey sea gulls.

Wind Down – The clubhouse has one of the most spectacular views on the island, and one of the best club house views in the world I suspect. Tour buses come up to the club, just to see the view.

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Ian Madeley

Are you sure Palheiro still allows dogs??We were looking for a stay with our dog on site and asked if they allowed dogs and they said not “on site”.I’ve queried if that just means rental villas (which would be a shame) and not the golf course but so far no reply.


Ian – Not sure. As I mentioned in the piece, they were pretty “low key” about it. Like they were “okay” with it, but not encouraging it. As I always say, courses’ attitudes to dogs shift all the time with who you are speaking to and when. All I can say is that you definitely should be positive confirmation (and the name of the person who gives it to you) before bringing along your dog.